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Flow Automotive buys five Virginia car dealerships

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Charlottesville, in central Virginia, is home to the University of Virginia. Flow Automotive CEO Don Flow is a graduate of the University of Virginia and played on the football team Triad Business Journal,

“This market is my home,” Don Flo said in a statement about the acquisition. “Having gone to school at the University of Virginia, this community means a lot. With a strong base of operations already here, I am thrilled to invest even more in Charlottesville and welcome our new team members who are already deeply involved here.”

According to Flow Automotive’s website, there are also Audi-Porsche, Volkswagen and Mazda stores in Charlottesville.

Flow Automotive of Winston-Salem, NC, made the last acquisition, Eric Flow said, when it bought a BMW dealership in Charlottesville in September 2021 from auto retail giant Asbury Automotive Group.

Umansky Automotive, which bought three dealerships in 2022, has no other Virginia dealerships listed on its website.

“Exiting a dynamic market like Charlottesville is never an easy decision,” Dan Umansky, owner of Umansky Automotive Group, said in a statement. “But this exit for Umansky Automotive allows us to focus on other key markets that better fit our strategic vision.”

Umansky Automotive of Memphis, Tenn., purchased the Charlottesville dealership from Brown Automotive Group in 2017.


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- Advertisement -Flow Automotive buys five Virginia car dealerships
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