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Maruti Jimny launch date, price, delivery details, features

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Maruti has already made 1,000 units of the Jimny; Deliveries will start by mid-June.

Maruti Suzuki will announce the prices for the much-anticipated Jimmy on June 7, Targeted at buyers looking for a lifestyle SUV, the Jimny is the fourth new SUV launch from Maruti Suzuki in the Indian market within a year.

  1. Jimny bookings currently stand at around 30,000
  2. First 1,000 units have already been built
  3. Delivery will start from mid June

Maruti Jimny 5-Door: Booking, Production, Delivery Schedule

Bookings for the Jimny opened when it made its debut in January and Maruti says it is already sitting on an order book of 30,000 units, which will be delivered through the Nexa chain of outlets. Series production began earlier this month and Maruti has confirmed that it has already made over 1,000 units of the SUV and is in the process of sending them to dealers. A quick check with the dealers reveals that the first set of deliveries for the Jimny could start by mid-June once the registration and other formalities are completed.

Maruti Jimny 5-Door: 50-50 split between manual and automatic

Maruti has offered the Jimny only with petrol-automatic or petrol-manual powertrain options with the standard AllGrip 4WD. Interestingly, Maruti has also confirmed that the bookings are almost equally divided between the manual and automatic gearbox equipped models.

Furthermore, as we recently reportedMaruti will not offer a 2WD version of the Jimny.

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