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MG Cyberster sports car, Shanghai Motor Show, rivals Porsche 718

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The Cyberster will be offered in single- and dual-motor set-ups, with the latter producing up to 543hp.

MG Ongoing has officially released the first set of details for the all-electric Cyberster sportscar Shanghai Motor Show 2023, The drop-top sportscar will go on sale in multiple markets sometime next year.

  1. MG Cyberster EV is bigger than Porsche 718
  2. Gets two powertrain options
  3. MG will launch the Comet EV in India this month

MG Cyberster EV: what is it?

The MG Cyberster is the brand’s first sportscar in years and also its first EV sportscar. It premieres a new design language reminiscent of MG’s historic sporting heritage. The unique scissor doors are an innovative addition, and its door handles are placed on the accent line that starts from the A-pillar and extends to the rear. The Cyberster also gets unique arrow-shaped tail-lights and a split rear diffuser.

The model’s design was leaked by government filings in China earlier this month, which suggested it would be 4,535mm long, 1,913mm wide and 1,329mm high – slightly larger than the Porsche 718 Boxster and the Mazda MX-5 Big enough.

The powertrain line-up of the Cyberster was also detailed, which reveals that it will be offered in both single and dual-motor specifications. Entry-level, single-motor models offer 309hp, while dual-motor models offer up to 543hp, making it the most powerful MG ever.

Weight varies depending on specification, with the single-motor variant tipping the scales at 1,850kg, and in its heaviest form, the Cyberster weighs 1,985kg. Several wheel designs and badge styles were also revealed.

MG Cyberster EV Interior, Platform

Meanwhile, the interior of the MG Cyberster uses a Tesla-style yoke steering wheel and multiple digital screens for infotainment and driving data. Poised to help MG continue its rapid growth momentum, the Cyberster will also significantly expand the brand’s product portfolio as it approaches its centenary in 2024.

The Cyberster sits on an all-new platform built around the 2017 E-Motion Coupe concept and is touted to be a ‘cell-to-pack’ battery production car. It does away with the traditional module structure used by current EVs in the name of increasing output capacity and power density. It has been claimed to give 800km range.

A single motor using the same efficiency-enhancing ‘hairpin’ wiring technology as the ZS EV and likely mounted at the rear, which supplies the 3.0sec 0-100kph time.

Will MG Cyberster EV come to India?

MG currently has only one electric offering in India – the ZS EV – with the Comet EV scheduled to launch on April 19. However, there is no news of the Cyberster EV coming to India as of now.

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