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Porsche Cayenne Price, Updated Engine, New Interior And Features, Design

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The Cayenne is Porsche’s bestseller in India; The facelift soon arrived in our market.

Porsche have unveiled the all new Cayenne SUV, which the company is calling not an all-new generation, but a radical overhaul. This round of updates is more important than the regular mid-cycle update. In fact, Cayenne product boss Michael Schatzl called the facelift “one of the most comprehensive product upgrades in Porsche history”. The new ICE-powered Cayenne will be on sale until the end of the decade – alongside an all-new and technically unrelated Electric Cayenne coming in 2026,

  1. The new Cayenne gets a range of V6, V8 and plug-in hybrid powertrains
  2. Interiors incorporated with Taycan-inspired design
  3. Exterior cosmetic changes kept minimal and subtle

Ben Weinberger, spokesman for Porsche’s SUV models, told our sister publication Autocar UK that the Cayenne needs a comprehensive refresh if it is to remain competitive for nearly another model cycle. He added: “We’ve already announced that we’re going to have an electric Cayenne in less than two years, and that car will be on the market for quite some time in parallel. So that was the reason we said: ‘Okay There is a lot we need to do to keep it fresh for the next few years’.”

2023 porsche cayenne engine specifications

Chief among the mechanical upgrades is a swap of V6 to V8 power for the Cayenne S, with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre unit – familiar from Porsche Panamera And lamborghini urus – Pumping out a healthy 475hp and 600Nm across both axles for a 0-100kph time of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 269kph.

The entry-level Cayenne gets a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 (replacing the previous 2.9-litre V6), and power and torque are up to 356hp and 500Nm here too.

The V6 also forms the basis for the highly advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the Cayenne E-Hybrid, coupled with a boosted electric motor for a combined 470hp and complemented by a larger 25.9kWh battery. It boasts of a competitive electric-only range of 84km and can now be charged in just 2.5 hours, courtesy of its new on-board 11kW charger. A further two PHEV versions will be added to the line-up later, including a hotter, V8-tooting Turbo S E-Hybrid.

There’s also a power boost for the top-rag, V8-engined Cayenne GT, which now makes 659hp and accelerates 0-100kph in 3.2 seconds faster than the 911 GT3 – but this range-topper doesn’t offer Will be sold in Europe for emissions-compliance reasons. However, Europe is in line to get a harsher, V8-engined Cayenne GTS soon.

There is a reworked chassis on the 2023 Porsche Cayenne

Equally important as the drivetrain improvements is the work that Porsche has done to give the Cayenne an “enhanced boundary between ride comfort and performance”. New two-valve shocks – working in conjunction with the two-chamber air suspension system – with varying rebound and compression stages to boost agility in tighter corners, increase ride comfort at low speeds and reduce pitch and roll It is called

Plus, the tires are bigger, which improves comfort and has the added benefit of being able to fill out the arches more effectively and run at lower pressures, which increases grip.

Porsche Cayenne Price, Updated Engine, New Interior And Features, Design

Weinberger said that getting the chassis set-up right was an absolute priority to extend the Cayenne’s lifecycle: “The quality of the Cayenne since it came on the market has always been a very wide range between driving like a sports car And, on the other hand, a great travel car for the whole family.”

2023 Porsche Cayenne Interior & Features

The focus on luxury and refinement extends to a dramatic, taycanInspired overhaul of the Cayenne’s interiors revealed last month, Aimed at providing an “even more immersive driving experience” while facilitating interaction with both the car and front-seat passenger, the new dashboard is dominated by a full-width digital panel with three screens: a 12.6-inch curved instrument cluster , a 12.3-inch central infotainment screen and — new for 2023 — an optional touchscreen in front of the passenger side.

This new 10.9-inch interface allows the passenger to “take the stress off the driver” by setting the sat-nav and adjusting media settings. Innovative screening technology means it is invisible to the driver, reducing distraction on the move.

Porsche Cayenne Price, Updated Engine, New Interior And Features, Design

Like the Taycan, the Cayenne gets a touch-based haptic panel instead of a proper central screen.

“Free-standing” digital instrument display (with seven different views, including one reminiscent of the five-dial set-up in the Porsche 911), new generation steering wheel, dash-mounted drive selector and redesigned center console His take on the tech tycoon – and it’s all part of Porsche’s move to achieve a balance between digital and analogue elements for maximum global appeal.

“If you ask a Chinese customer,” Weinberger explained, “they say: ‘the bigger the screen, the better’. The more screens, the bigger the screen, the more light… But if you ask a customer in Europe or America , then they say: ‘No, I like knobs. I don’t like these touching things’.

2023 Porsche Cayenne Exterior Design

The extensive mechanical and technical overhaul is belied by a relatively subtle exterior change, headlined by the introduction of reshaped front-end reshaped Matrix LED headlights with over 32,000 pixels per cluster.

Standard on all Cayenne for 2023 and optionally upgradeable to an “HD” item, these new lights can block oncoming cars “with pixel accuracy” from dazzling other drivers while maximizing forward visibility. can be saved, and they offer over 1000 variations of glitter. Various driving conditions.

Porsche Cayenne Price, Updated Engine, New Interior And Features, Design

Otherwise, the new Cayenne is best distinguished by its reworked bonnet and swollen wings, while at the rear it gets a refreshed, “three-dimensional” LED lightbar and a new apron with a low-mounted numberplate. New colors and wheel options ranging from 20in to 22in, complete the new look of the large SUV.

2023 Porsche Cayenne: India launch, expected price

The new Cayenne is already on sale in Germany and will soon be seen in other European markets as well. The Cayenne is the best selling model from Porsche here in India and this updated model will definitely be coming to India in the future. However, the new Cayenne will be priced significantly higher than the current Cayenne, partly due to the extended standard kit, but also partly because the brand has previously said it plans to eventually earn a 20 per cent return on each car. , which is now 18 percent. Currently, the Cayenne is priced between Rs 1.27 crore to Rs 2.57 crore in India.

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