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Toyota BZ Sport Crossover, BZ FlexSpace, Shanghai Motor Show

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Both models will initially offer production versions for China, followed by more markets.

toyota has showcased two bZ-borne EV concepts at the ongoing Shanghai Motor Show, previewing the impending expansion of its global bZ EV line-up, which includes popular models bZ4X crossover And this bZ3 sedan, The pairing comes as part of a wave of 10 electric cars Toyota plans to sell in China by 2026.

  1. Both the Born-EV models feature BYD battery technology
  2. Both are on the e-TNGA platform shared with GAC.

Toyota bZ sports crossover looks ready for production

More typical of the pair is the brightly colored bZ sports crossover – a sleek, high-riding four-door coupe that looks ready to evolve into the performance-oriented sibling of the upcoming bZ3X crossover, which was previously seen as a preview. bZ compact crossover,

Toyota hasn’t given any details on what’s underneath the “active and distinctive” bodyshell, but it’s highly likely to use the same e-TNGA architecture as the Toyota bZ4X – developed in partnership with Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) Going, who makes bZ4X for China. Elsewhere, Toyota has borrowed battery technology from another Chinese manufacturer, BYDfor its new bZ3 sedan, but it has not yet given details of any future car that will be generated from this tie-up.

Toyota BZ Sport Crossover, BZ FlexSpace, Shanghai Motor Show

Inside, the bZ sports crossover concept looks relatively ready for production, with a curved central infotainment display and large digital instrument cluster, while the unusual-shaped steering wheel suggests the production car may get Toyota’s new steer-by-wire technology which will be controlled by means of a yoke. -style device. Toyota says it has been designed “with functions to provide a personalized space for young customers” and will be kept fresh through over-the-air software updates after purchase.

Toyota bZ Flexspace previews the mid-size EV SUV of the future

Meanwhile, the bZ Flexspace concept previews a new mid-size SUV that will sit above the bZ4X. It’s big and upright, and focused on families who want an EV SUV with “reliable cruising range.” Details are slim, but it wears Toyota’s new hammerhead front end and hosts a cockpit similar to the latest bZ production cars – complete with unorthodox steering wheel. Toyota says the priority of FlexSpace is to provide a “comfortable home” environment that’s easy to live in every day, though it hasn’t confirmed whether there’s room for a third row of seats.

Toyota’s EV plans for India

At the 2023 Auto Expo, Toyota showcased the bZ4X in India for the first time, however, the firm is tight-lipped about its EV plans for now. However, we can confirm that the production version of Maruti Suzuki EVX Concept The one that was shown earlier this year will also give rise to derivatives from Toyota. Both the born EV SUVs will be made in Gujarat and will have a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. Expect a Toyota EV SUV made for India and its Maruti counterpart sometime in 2025.

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