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Delhi-NCR Based IT Company ‘TechDost’ Launched A New Product ‘Vedmarg’ a Cloud Based School ERP Software’ 

Delhi-NCR based Tech giant ‘TechDost Services Pvt. Ltd.’ introduced a cloud-based school ERP software, named ‘Vedmarg’. The product was launched on the 1st of February 2023 by the Founder Mr. Shani Deshwal


Vedmarg is cloud-enabled School Management Software that aims to facilitate the complex administrative operations of educational institutions. The software is integrated with 40 modules such as Fee Management & Attendance Report to enhance the activity workflow of schools and colleges. 

Shani Deshwal, Founder & CEO, Vedmarg, said, “The Evolution of Technology is the best thing that happened in the 21st century. It has led the world towards result-oriented solutions. I believe, if we integrate advanced engineering with intelligence, It can do wonders for humans.

Being In the IT sector for about a decade now, I witnessed that other sectors are evolving with technology greatly. But the education sector is still lagging behind somewhere. Especially The small to medium-sized schools. These schools are still relying on the manual system for their routine tasks.

Make a mental note of it, we were seeking to create an optimal solution that can help these schools to automate their school tasks. And, I am deeply proud to say that, ‘Vedmarg’ is the result of that belief. 

Vedmarg aims to be a strong pillar of support for educational institutions. It will not only bring transparency in the fee collection process but also provide much-needed accelerated growth to the schools,” Shani Deshwal added. 


Amit Kumar, Director, TechDost, elaborated, “In addition to making the school administrative tasks easier, Our motive was to create such a platform that can meet their principal needs for the students. This is the prime reason we have integrated online quizzes, study materials, and video lectures to strive for students to become potentially sound as far as academics are concerned. Along with this, The platform enables students to directly communicate with the subject teachers to clear his/her doubts. 

Lastly, Teachers and Parents are the main stakeholders of any institution that often gets neglected. But, We can assure you that Vedmarg will greatly help release the stress and pressure upon them as well. 

We are offering a 1-month free trial of Vedmarg as of now. This will give you a better understanding of the functioning and servicing of our very own Cloud-Based School ERP Software.” Amit Added.  

In a nutshell, They said that the software will cover the 360° aspects of an educational institution. Right from handling critical managerial activities to providing great assistance to students, teachers, and parents. 

Currently, they are offering a 1-month free trial of Vedmarg School ERP for sessions 2023-24 to all the schools operating in India.

About TECHDOST Services Pvt. Ltd.

TechDost was founded by Mr. Shani Deshwal in 2017. In the last 5 years of success, the company has many big organisations in the client list like KIA, Honda, Suzuki, DAV Cent School, K.N. Modi Foundation, Nelco Sports, Adda52, RMGOE and many more. Techdost achieved 4 awards for its excellence and quality services in GECL Awards-2021 by LWT.

Delhi-NCR-based Software Provider Company named ‘Techdost’ has released their subsidiary product i.e. ‘Vedmarg‘  – Cloud-based School ERP Software. Vedmarg will make it easy for educational organizations to manage school activities comprehensively. 

Delhi-NCR Based IT Company ‘TechDost’ Launched A New Product ‘Vedmarg’ a Cloud Based School ERP Software’ 
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Delhi-NCR Based IT Company ‘TechDost’ Launched A New Product ‘Vedmarg’ a Cloud Based School ERP Software’