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आशा संगिनी एप डाउनलोड, फीचर, कार्य, लिंक

आशा संगिनी एप डाउनलोड, फीचर, कार्य, लिंक

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Today is the era of online. Every facility is being tried to be made available to the citizens through one click on the website/app. In view of this, the Uttarakhand government has now come forward with the Asha Sangini app. Today in this post we will tell you what is Asha Sangini App? Who has launched it? How will this app be useful? How can download this app? Etcetera. Come, let’s start-

Who is Asha? (Who is ASHA?)

Friends, before we discuss the ASHA Sangini app, let us first know who is ASHA? Or What is the meaning of hope? Friends, let us inform you that the full form of ASHA is Accredited Social Health Worker. It is also called Accredited Social Health Activist in Hindi. Let us tell you that ASHA is a rural level worker under the National Health Mission i.e. NHM, run under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Center. Is.

ASHAs are appointed at the Gram Panchayat level. Asha is a resident of the same village. The minimum education for this has been fixed at 10th standard. But where ASHA with this educational qualification is not available, this qualification is relaxed. Preference is given to a married woman between the age of 18 to 45 years to become an ASHA. An ASHA gets an honorarium of 4000/- as well as a performance based incentive (including covid benefits) of around 8000/-. On an average, an ASHA receives an honorarium of Rs 10,000 per month.

Asha Sangini Apk Download, Features, Working, Links |  Asha Sangini Apk Download

What does hope do? (What does Asha do?)

Friends, now let’s take a look at the works of Asha as well, which are as follows-

  • Encouraging women to breed in the hospital.
  • Bringing children to the clinic for vaccination.
  • Promotion of family planning such as surgical sterilization.
  • First aid for minor ailments and injuries.
  • Keeping records related to population.
  • To cooperate in improving the sanitary conditions in the villages.
  • To act as the main medium of health care and communication system in the village.
  • Giving ORS therapy if required.
  • Distribution of Iron Folic Acid tablets.
  • Distribution of oral pills for family planning
  • Distribution of Chloroquine.
  • Distribution of Disposable Delivery Kit etc.

Who is Asha Sangini? (Who is Asha Sangini)

Friends, we have just told you who Asha is. Now you must want to know that who is Asha Sangini? Friends, you have already come to know that the work of ASHA worker is very detailed. In this situation, Asha Sangini is appointed to assist her in her work. For this, they are prepared for this work by giving proper training.

What is Asha Sangini App? (What is ASHA Sangini app?)

Friends, now come to ASHA Sangini app. Let us tell you that this is the initiative of Uttarakhand government. This app has been launched jointly by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat on November 11, 2023.

This app has been developed by the National Informatics Center ie NIC. Let us tell you that this is a 9.3MB app which has been downloaded more than 10k so far. Reviewers have given this app a rating of 3.7.

How will this app be useful? (What will this app do?)

Friends, now this question must be arising within you as to what will this app work for, then let us tell you that mainly through this app, various health schemes under the National Health Mission (NHM) will be implemented. Monitoring of the performance of the ASHA workers who deliver door-to-door will be done.

Officers will keep an eye on their work. Not only this, now they will be paid online every month for their work through the app itself. The good thing is that due to online payment, they will not have to visit the office again and again for this.

How to download Asha app? (How to download asha sangini app?)

Friends, if you also want to know the process of downloading Asha Sangini app, then we give you information about those steps, by following which you can do so. These steps are as follows-

Asha Sangini Apk Download, Features, Working, Links |  Asha Sangini Apk Download
  • First of all go to Google Play Store. After going to Play Store, you have to search for ASHA Sangini.
  • Now you will see the icon of Asha Sangini app. To download it, you have to click on install now.
  • ASHA Sangini App will be downloaded in your mobile. You Direct download by clicking here Can do

How many ASHA workers are working in Uttarakhand? (How many ASHA workers are employed in Uttarakhand?)

Friends, talking about the Asha Sangini app, it also becomes necessary to know how many Asha workers are there in Uttarakhand. Let us inform you friends that about 12 thousand ASHA workers are deployed in the state through NHM in Uttarakhand. Through these, health related data is prepared apart from mother-child health, vaccination. Also give you this information that how the Asha Sangini app will be helpful for them?

Actually, ASHA workers will have to upload proof of their work activities through this app. The concerned officers will do online verification of the documents uploaded through the app. After verification, the details of the work done will reach directly to the accountant.

Due to this, the payment for any of their survey, delivery and sterilization etc work will reach online directly into their bank accounts. Smartphones have already been provided to ASHA workers by the Uttarakhand government for this purpose. Along with this, training has also been given for this.

How will Asha Sangini app help in Uttarakhand? (How ASHA Sangini app will help in Uttarakhand?)

Looking at the geographical conditions of Uttarakhand, the work of an ASHA worker can be said to be very important and challenging. There are many villages here, where even the roads have not reached till date. In such a situation, it is very challenging to provide basic health facilities to the people in these villages and to make the citizens aware of the government health schemes.

As the goal of the central government is that there must be an ASHA worker in every village, so that information and benefits of government schemes reach them to help women and children, in such a situation, Asha Sangini helps Asha and makes their work easier. . Friends, let us tell you that one life partner is appointed for 18 to 22 ASHA workers. They are also provided with special training so that they prove to be of every possible help to ASHA.

Asha Sangini App is the initiative of which government?

Asha Sangini App is an initiative of the Government of Uttarakhand?

Who has launched the Asha Sangini app?

The Asha Sangini app has been launched by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat. What will happen with the Asha Sangini app? Through this app, the performance of ASHA workers will be monitored and online payment will also be made.

At present how many ASHA workers are there in Uttarakhand?

Presently more than 12 thousand ASHA workers are working in Uttarakhand.

Who is Asha Sangini?

ASHA workers are kept ASHA Sangini for their cooperation in their work.

How many ASHA workers are kept for one ASHA partner?

One ASHA Sangini is kept for about 20 ASHA workers.

From where can the Asha Sangini app be downloaded?

Asha Sangini app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Is Asha Sangini App a heavy app?

No, it is a 9.3MB app, which cannot be called very heavy.

How many people have downloaded this app so far?

This app has been downloaded by more than 10k ASHA workers so far.

Friends, we have given you information about the ASHA Sangini app in this post. Told you what is Asha Sangini app? Who has launched it? How will this app be useful? How can download this app? Etcetera. If you have any question regarding this post, then you can reach us by commenting in the comment box given below. We look forward to your responses. ..Thank you..



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