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उत्तराखंड जीएसटी बिल लाओ इनाम पाओ योजना

GST was first implemented in the entire country except Jammu and Kashmir on the lines of one country, one tax. Under this, people have to pay a fixed percentage tax to the government on the purchase of any goods or use of service. But some time ago, the central government imposed tax on essential things like cereals, milk, curd, due to which a burden has been imposed on the public suffering from inflation.

Due to which GST suddenly became very much discussed and politics has also been very important on this. Generally, sellers avoid giving confirmed bills to avoid GST, while customers also do not give much importance to bills. This directly affects the tax collection and revenue of the government.

Now, to reduce this trend, the state governments are making people aware, motivating them to collect GST bills on purchases. In view of this, the Uttarakhand government has also announced the GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme. It has also got the approval of the cabinet there. Today in this post, we will give you detailed information regarding this scheme. Come, let’s start-

What is GST? (What is GST?)

Friends, before proceeding further let us first know what is GST? (What is GST?) Let us tell you that its full form is Goods and Service Tax. It is also called Goods and Services Tax in Hindi. It has to be paid for the purchase of any item or use of service. Earlier excise duty, VAT, entry tax, service tax etc. were replaced by GST. There are four types of GST under the GST tax system-

  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax ie IGST.
  • State Goods and Services Tax ie SGST.
  • Central Goods and Services Tax and CGST.
  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)

What is the tax rate fixed under GST? (What tax rate is fixed under GST?)

Uttarakhand Bring GST Bill, Get Reward Scheme |  Uttarakhand GST Bill Lao, Inaam Pao Scheme

Friends, now this question must be coming in your mind that what rate of tax has been fixed under GST? So let me inform you that GST Council On behalf of the GST council, GST has been imposed on the purchase of more than 1200 goods and services in the country. Its different categories have been prescribed. In these, the tax slab rate has been kept between 5 percent to 28 percent.

Uttarakhand GST Bill Lao Inam Pao Scheme | (uttarakhand gst bill lao, inaam pao scheme)

Friends, let us tell you that the Uttarakhand government has announced the launch of the GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme in the cabinet meeting held on September 9. Through this, the government wants to encourage the customers in the state to take the bill for the purchase of goods, so that the GST collection can increase in the state.

Under the scheme, the customer can win attractive prizes like smartphone (smart phone), smart watch (smart watch), scooter-car (scooter-car) by showing the GST bill. The government believes that in the greed of reward, customers will be encouraged to take GST bill after purchase.

What will be the procedure to get reward by showing GST bill? (What will be the process showing gst bill to get the prize?)

Friends, now you must be thinking that if a customer takes the GST bill after purchase, how will he get the reward? So let us tell you that all this will be possible through an app. A mobile app will be prepared by the finance department to send the bill of goods.

After purchasing the goods on this, the customer will take the GST bill and upload it on the app. A lottery will be drawn for the bills received, the winners of which will be given attractive prizes.

Where is the GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme first started? (Where is the GST bill, inaam pao scheme started very first?)

Friends, let us inform you that the GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme was first started in Kerala. In order to stop the evasion of Goods and Services Tax, the Kerala Government has launched an app in the month of August. Under this, it has been decided to give a reward of up to five crore rupees. The name of this app launched by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is Lucky Bill App.

People have to download this app and upload the original GST bill after purchase. Thus they can be eligible to win other prizes including a cash prize of 25 lakhs. Friends, let us tell you that five crore rupees have been set aside for this project in this year’s budget in Kerala. This app has been developed in collaboration with the Digital University of Kerala.

It has been claimed by the Kerala government that the app is the first of its kind in the country. People who will upload bills on this app will be given rewards on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Apart from this, there will also be a mega prize, which will be selected through a selection draw.

Customers don’t claim bill on small purchases

Friends, you also know that most of the customers do not put much emphasis on the bill while purchasing small items. For example, no one charges GST bill on eating in restaurants, buying sweets or buying dry fruits, buying unbranded clothes, availing spa or beauty parlour, etc. Traders also avoid giving them confirmed bills, as they avoid tax by this. They mislead the customer that it will cost them dearly to buy the goods concerned.

The customer also does not show much interest in taking the bill with the intention of saving his four paise. Now when the seller does not give a confirmed bill, he escapes from paying tax. But due to his move, there is definitely loss of revenue to the concerned state government.

What is the status of GST collection in Uttarakhand? (What is the status of GST collection in Uttarakhand?)

Friends, let us inform you that five years ago i.e. in 2017, Uttarakhand became the fifth state to pass the GST bill. Now let us inform you about the status of GST collection in Uttarakhand at present. Friends, Uttarakhand is continuously lagging behind in terms of GST collection. After May, the figures of July 2023 also confirm this.

According to the report of the Finance Ministry, Uttarakhand has been ranked 17th in the country in terms of GST collection in July. Uttarakhand’s GST collection in July was only Rs 1,390 crore. On the other hand, if we talk about the whole country, the total collection in the month of July was Rs 1,06,580 crore. In this, Maharashtra topped the list with GST collection of Rs 22,129 crore, while Karnataka stood second and third with GST collection of Rs 9,795 crore and Gujarat Rs 9,183 crore respectively.

How many taxpayers are registered in GST in Uttarakhand? (How many taxpayers in Uttarakhand are registered in GST?)

Friends, now you must want to know that how many taxpayers are registered in GST in Uttarakhand? So let us tell you that the number of registered taxpayers in GST here is 1.12 lakh. Out of these, there are 35,000 taxpayers who have been hesitating to pay GST for a long time.

The officials of the state tax department consider the taxpayers who do not pay GST as the main reason for the shortfall in GST collection. According to him, if customers are encouraged, this shortcoming can be improved. Ab GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme by the government is a step towards this initiative.

What is the full form of GST?

The full form of GST is Goods and Sales Tax. It is also called Goods and Services Tax in Hindi.

In which year GST is implemented in India?

GST has been implemented in India in the year 2017.

At present how many goods and services have been kept under the purview of GST?

At present, the GST Council has put 1200 goods and services under the ambit of GST.

What are the current rates of GST?

It has different categories. Tax is levied on various goods and services at the rate of 5 percent to 28 percent.

Which announcement related to GST has been made in Uttarakhand at present?

The Government of Uttarakhand has announced the GST Bill Lao Inam Pao Scheme.

What is the purpose of bringing GST Bill Lao Inam Pao scheme?

The purpose of this scheme is to motivate people to take GST bill. The government will also get revenue from this.

How many taxpayers are currently registered in GST in Uttarakhand?

At present there are 1.12 lakh taxpayers registered in GST in Uttarakhand.

At present, what is the position of Uttarakhand in the country in GST collection?

At present, Uttarakhand is at 17th position in the country in GST collection.

How is the performance of Uttarakhand in GST collection as per the report of Ministry of Finance?

If we compare the reports of May and July 2023, Uttarakhand is continuously lagging behind in this.

How will the government benefit from the GST bill lao inam pao scheme?

Through this scheme, the government is trying to increase the revenue.

Friends, in this post we have given you GST bill lao inam pao scheme (gst bill lao, inaam pao scheme) Gave information about. Hope this post proved useful for you. If you want this type of informative post from us, then do not forget to tell us by commenting in the comment box given below. ..Thank you..


उत्तराखंड जीएसटी बिल लाओ इनाम पाओ योजना
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