Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Asteroid 2023 GV1 ready to pass! NASA reveals speed, distance and more

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NASA has revealed that 5 asteroids came close to Earth yesterday. Although these space rocks pass Earth at a relatively safe distance without causing harm, there is no guarantee that an asteroid will ever hit Earth. If history has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain in life. This proved especially true for the people of Russia as on February 15, 2013 the city of Chelyabinsk was reported to have hit Earth. It registered an asteroid blast 59 feet wide over the city, which destroyed about 8000 buildings and damaged more than 1000 buildings. People injured.

NASA has warned that an asteroid is on its way today and although it is not expected to be a planet-destroying asteroid, it could still cause major damage if it were to hit Chelyabinsk. Here are the details, according to NASA.

Asteroid 2023 GV1 Description

An asteroid named Asteroid 2023 GV1 is already traveling at a high speed of 12972 kmph and is expected to miss the planet today, April 19. It will make its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 6.7 million. kilometers, according to NASA.

Asteroid 2023 GV1 belongs to the Amor group of asteroids, which are near-Earth asteroids whose orbits are outer of Earth but inner of Mars, named after asteroid 1221 Amor.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has warned that the asteroid 2023 GV1 is similar in size to the Chelyabinsk asteroid, with a width of between 55 feet and 124 feet, which means it is roughly the size of a commercial airliner and if it hits the surface could potentially cause similar damage. ,

NASA’s asteroid tracking technology

NASA tracks asteroids using a combination of ground-based and space-based telescopes. The NASA-funded Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Final Alert System (ATLAS), scans the night sky for moving objects and reports any potential asteroid detections, while some space-based observatories track asteroids and their characteristics. Uses infrared sensor to locate. Some of these include the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) and NEOWISE missions.


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