Best Running Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch in 2023 to Boost Your Fitness


Running has become an increasingly popular activity for fitness enthusiasts, and with the abundance of running apps available today, it’s easier than ever to enhance your fitness journey. Whether you’re new to running or have been doing it for a long time, it’s important to find the right running app to help you set goals, track your progress, and record important metrics. Here we have listed some of the best running apps that can help you monitor various health and performance factors such as your speed, distance, mileage, heart rate, and calories burned. Additionally, many of them offer pre-programmed training runs suitable for different skill levels and can record your running routes using GPS.

1. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is the ultimate free running app. It offers guided running and training plans to help you establish running as a regular part of your routine. With expert guidance and a helpful global community, this is one of the best running apps for Apple Watch. Benefit from training by fitness experts and Nike veterans through guided runs, while the run tracker records essential stats like pace, distance and heart rate. You can also track shoe mileage and get reminders for replacement.

2. Strava

Strava is a popular fitness app that tracks your runs and bike rides, allowing you to compete with others. It provides detailed information about your activity, such as time, distance and speed. Strava integrates seamlessly with the Apple Watch, eliminating the need to carry your iPhone. Notable features include competitive ranking on leaderboards, finding the best route, and sharing your live location for safety. Strava fosters a supportive community, offers monthly challenges, and is compatible with a variety of apps and devices. It is a simple and cost-effective platform.

3. Map My Run

Map My Run by Under Armor is an excellent running app for Apple Watch users. It offers a variety of tracking and training equipment for runners of all levels. With customizable training plans and expert tips, it is popular among users. The app provides real-time updates on distance, speed, time and heart rate directly to your Apple Watch. The Route feature helps you find safe routes, save favorites and share them with friends. It integrates with other fitness platforms like MyFitnessPal for comprehensive health tracking.

4. Running Trainer

Running Trainer is a reliable Apple Watch and iPhone running app with accurate GPS-enabled tracking. It has a well-organized interface and offers useful tools. The app works seamlessly with your Apple Watch, providing access to running stats, records and progress charts. Set your goal, get audio feedback and integrate with Maps for GPS directions. Connect to your music player, sync with Apple Health for heart rate and calorie tracking, and effortlessly achieve your fitness goals.


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