Big leak ahead of WWDC 2023! This is what an Apple Mixed Reality headset could look like


In just 5 more days, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 will go live. And this year’s event is special. Not only will we get to see what iOS 17 can bring to iPhones, but we may also see a new product line being launched by Apple. Yes, we are talking about the Apple Mixed Reality Headset which is also known as Apple AR/VR Headset and Apple Reality Pro. As per the report, the new Apple product will be helpful in building an augmented reality and virtual reality ecosystem for the company. And just ahead of the event, we have a new leak that tells us about the display specifications of the headset. Let’s take a look.

The leak comes from display analyst and tipster Ross Young, which reveals the specifications of the two displays that are rumored to be housed inside the headset. According to him do, The headset may feature Micro OLED screen technology. As per their claims, the two displays will measure 1.41 inches diagonally with 4000 PPI (pixels per inch) and more than 5000 nits peak brightness.

It should be noted that if this is true, then these display specifications will be higher than any VR headsets in the market. For example, PSVR2 has 2000 ppi while Meta Quest Pro has 1800×1920 ppi.

What else do we know about the Apple Mixed Reality headset?

Various sources have claimed that the first of its kind headset could cost up to $3000. This is a much higher price than the PSV 2 which starts at $550 and the Meta Quest Pro which starts at $999.

If that sounds a bit pricey for your casual gaming session on the weekend, don’t worry. This headset is not targeted towards gamers. According to reports, the device is being targeted at developers who will use it to build apps and tools in AR and VR to build Apple’s new ecosystem. And to justify the price, it’s been rumored that Apple may add a wide range of high-end AR/VR features.

Note that these are all based on leaks and rumors and none of the official sources have confirmed the information shared. So, take this with a pinch of salt and wait till WWDC 2023 to know what these headsets will be like.


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