Google Bard Reveals Its Top 5 Smartphones Of 2023; Number 3 will surprise you!


Smartphone junkies can have a lot of opinions and perhaps the biggest debate of all time is which smartphone is the best. You can find fans of each brand making solid arguments to prove that their smartphone is definitely better than the others by citing various parameters and scores. But in the end, it mostly boils down to being subjective. So, to find some objective truth, we asked Google ‘What are the top 5 smartphones of 2023’ Bard, the AI ​​chatbot, with the internet at its fingertips, appears to have settled the debate once and for all. And the list was quite shocking. Let’s take a look.

Google Bard picks its top 5 smartphones in 2023

As a disclaimer, we cannot ask this question to ChatGPT as its last training date was in September 2021 and it has no knowledge of the world prior to that date. So, the obvious choice was Google Bard which actually has access to the latest stuff on the internet and with its ‘intelligence’ can help us with some objective knowledge.

However, at the outset, Bard should let you know that the opinion is not entirely his own, but “according to various technical reviewers”. OK, we accept it. But what exactly is this list? Check it out below.

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1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

2. Samsung Galaxy S23

3. Google Pixel 7a

4. OnePlus 11

5. Realme GT3

What was surprising was that the Google Pixel 7a was at the third position, despite being a mid-range smartphone. Also, the top two phones of the year were both the Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones. It is clear to see that the AI ​​Bard chatbot has a distinct taste in smartphones. What would your list look like?


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