India’s Asmi Jain wins Apple Swift Student Challenge with healthcare app


As part of Apple’s annual tradition, during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it issues a challenge to students around the world to create an original app Playground using the Swift coding language. This year was no exception as the iPhone maker sent a similar challenge ahead of WWDC 2023. This year, the number of winners has also been increased from 350 to 375 to include even more students. One of the first-time winners of the competition includes Indian Asmi Jain, who created Playground, a healthcare app designed to help users strengthen their eye muscles.

The inspiration to create the app came to Jain from his friend’s uncle when he learned that he had to undergo brain surgery and as a result, he had developed eye mis-alignment and facial paralysis.

Jain said while talking about his experience and winning the competition. “It was important to me to create an app playground that could make a positive impact on the lives of people like him. My next goal is to get feedback and make sure it’s effective and user-friendly, and then release it on the App Store. Eventually, I want to expand it so that it helps strengthen all the muscles in the face, and I hope it can one day serve as a medical device that people like my friend’s uncle can use at their own pace. Can be used.

Apple announces WWDC23 winners of the Swift Student Challenge


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