iPhone 15 not launched, but the hype around the Apple headset is high! But is it dead on arrival?


It’s not the iPhone 15 launch, but for all the hype surrounding the Apple AR/VR headset, you’d be right to think so. However, while Apple fans may be eager to see the biggest new tech rollout since the first Apple Watch launched, for the rest of the investing world, and perhaps consumers as well, it appears to be a common occurrence. And that could be ominous. This is despite the fact that headsets are a completely different product category.

The non-response from the market is perhaps due to the cloak of secrecy Apple has maintained over its latest technology, but for all intents and purposes, what the headset will contain has been leaked and analyzed to death by analysts. .

However, success in this venture, if it reaches anywhere near the level of the Apple Watch, could send shares skyrocketing.

artificial intelligence effect

The reason behind the damp squib responses may have a lot to do with the enormous interest grabbed by artificial intelligence. And the Apple headset doesn’t mention AI anywhere (Apple prefers to use the phrase machine learning instead of AI).

And notably, all the moneybags are running after anything that is even remotely related to AI in their name or business.

Bloomberg says that analysts are using words like “modest” and “lackluster” to describe estimates for early sales of the mixed reality headset.

In contrast, the Apple Watch became the cynosure of the eye long before its launch and was instantly adored by analysts and fans. Three reasons for that:

1. The category was well defined

2. It offered the potential for disruption

3. New category – Opportunity to benefit from health care opened.

The Apple headset is, firstly, nothing like the iPhone 15 or Apple Watch in global impact potential, and secondly, the reason behind the lukewarm squib responses to the Apple AR/VR headset may have a lot to do with AI.

“The headset isn’t dead on arrival, but I don’t think it’s going to be very exciting to people who aren’t gamers,” Ken Mahoney, CEO of Mahoney Asset Management, told Bloomberg.

So, what is he looking for? “Meanwhile, AI is going to transform businesses, and not only does Apple have no dance partner in AI, it doesn’t seem to have an AI dance either,” he said.

With OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, even chipmaker Nvidia reaping the rewards from its foray into the world of AI, it looks like Apple really missed the bus. However, Apple under Tim Cook has always been extremely careful about where it wants to go. It has rarely sought first-mover advantage, but has become the most valuable company of all time by dominating the world with its products.

In particular, Cook has said that Apple will “very thoughtfully” incorporate such technology into its products.

Now, all one has to do is wait until June 5th and we get to see the true AR VR headset’s potential to disrupt the market.


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