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Pathan Starring Shah Rukh Khan To Stream On Amazon Prime Video On March 22

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led by shahrukh khan Pathan Will be available to stream online soon. In a tweet, Amazon Prime Video confirmed that the action-packed Bollywood blockbuster will be available to stream on the platform from March 22 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The film arrives on digital home media on January 25, 56 days after its theatrical premiere, and the version may feature some deleted scenes. Pathan marks Khan’s return to mainstream Bollywood in four years and is the highest-grossing film of his career.

Pathan Reportedly grossed $112.3 million (roughly Rs. 928 crores) at the global box office, crossing the Rs. 100 crore mark on opening day. Thereafter an additional Rs. To generate more than Rs 100 crore per day. 400 crores within four days since its release, becoming the fastest Hindi language film to achieve the feat. As reported by Bollywood Hungama, director Siddharth Anand revealed in a recent interview that the upcoming OTT version Pathan A deleted scene may be included, which serves as an origin story for the character – more specifically, a question about his religion. Director Anand said Pathan’s love for his country is the main theme here, with writers Abbas Tyrewala and Sridhar Raghavan sharing the same sentiment, along with producer Aditya Chopra.

Director Anand said, “All four of us have the same belief system, and the same movies we’ve grown up with, and the cinema we believe in. We share it, we share a share the same sentiment.” Interview. “So, the fact that he has no name, and he is found in a theater which was actually called Navrang, was edited out, which you can see in the OTT version.”

Pathan Titanic follows RAW agent Feroz Pathan (Khan), who is called back into the force to stop a terrorist attack on India. John Abraham (Attack) plays Jim, the leader of Outfit X, a mercenary group who once worked as a RAW agent before turning rogue. Deepika Padukone (Chennai Express), who has worked with Khan several times in the past, also appears in the film as ISI agent Rubina Mohsin, while Dimple Kapadia (Tenet) plays Nandini Grewal, the head of a security unit. , which recruits former RAW agents who were forced out. to retire. It was also the first Indian film to be released in ICE (Immersive Cinema Experience) format apart from IMAX show.

Pathan Now running in cinemas nationwide and will be available on Amazon Prime Video on 22 March. In India, the film will be available for streaming in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

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