Scale AI CEO says US risks losing AI ‘ammunition’ edge to China


The head of Scale AI, which helps companies like ChatGPT’s designers improve the data that feeds their systems, said the quality of the data used as “ammunition” for powerful new tools. America is at risk of losing its edge to China.

The US is at a “critical moment” in its race for AI supremacy against China, said Alexander Wang, CEO of Scale AI, at a summit of government officials organized by his company, a start-up he called out of MIT. The latter was established in 2016.

“We are running the risk of America falling behind,” Wang said. In his presentation, Wang said China’s People’s Liberation Army invested at least $1.6 billion in technology in 2020, compared to about $1.3 billion for the US Department of Defense.

Wang described artificial intelligence as an “indispensable” technology that must be integrated into military operations to remain competitive with global adversaries. He compared AI to nuclear weapons as a technology that would reshape global diplomacy and power.

Wang said, “I believe that the next era of warfare and resistance will be determined by AI.” “The future of our world hangs in the balance.”

Senator Mike Rounds, a South Dakota Republican speaking at the same event, agreed that the US currently has an advantage in data collection and labelling, but warned that TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd., could target the Chinese Communist Party. may provide additional access. English language samples to train AI systems.

Wang said the US should take advantage of the vast amount of data collected by a vast network of military hardware – sensors, cameras, satellites – that aggregate information that can be used to train AI. This will ensure the quality of those inputs, Wang said, “which will turn this hardware advantage into a data advantage.”

According to the company’s website, Scale AI helps customers ranging from ChatGPT’s OpenAI Inc and chipmaker Nvidia Corp to Toyota Motor Corp and the US government improve the quality of data to build better AI systems.


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