WWDC 2023: Apple’s AR/VR headset to feature new xrOS; here’s what we know about it


Apple products are known for their optimized and smooth performance. And a big part of that is the operating system that’s tailored to fit the device. So, it wasn’t really a surprise that a new OS was to be launched, alongside the expected Apple AR/VR headset or mixed-reality headset. And thus came into picture – xrOS. While Apple hasn’t publicly acknowledged its existence, several leaks shed light on what it could all be. We’ve put together all the information we can to tell you everything that is known about Apple’s first augmented reality and virtual reality operating system.

what is xros

According to leaks, xrOS will be the dedicated operating system for Apple’s mixed-reality headset and will bring its own unique but compatible-with-Apple-ecosystem interface. The initials “xr” apparently stand for ‘extended reality’, which includes both virtual reality and augmented reality.

According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the mixed-reality headset, also known as the Apple Reality Pro, focuses on gaming, streaming and video content, video calls, health and fitness, and no, it doesn’t shut down the world. , It can also be used to interact with other people.

xrOS user interface

The report states that xrOS will offer an interface similar to iOS but users will see and interact with it in a whole new way. A recent rumor claimed that the headset will work entirely with gesture controls and will not come with any physical controller. In light of this, xrOS will have different elements and mechanics to respond to user interactions.

Eyeball tracking and hand gestures will both play a big role. According to the report, Apple has fitted multiple cameras in the headset to track the eyes. So, xrOS interaction can also be done through eye movement only.

The biggest leak around the interface claims that Apple has built a special in-air typing feature that will allow users to type text by simply moving their fingers in the air.

xrOS apps

There are rumors that xrOS will get full app support from Apple but apps are being repurposed to be used in AR and VR environments. Some of the apps reportedly being optimized include Safari, Photos, Messages, Maps, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Podcasts, Reminders, FaceTime, and more.

Note, all the information shared here is based on leaks and rumours. There is no official information about XrOS. So, take this article too with a pinch of salt.


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