ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Comparing Job Posting Platforms


Looking for the best job posting platform? Compare features and prices between ZipRecruiter and Indeed to find the right fit for your business.

Finding the right candidate for the job is difficult. In addition to ensuring due diligence in selecting the best candidate, you don’t want to spend a lot of resources and time doing so. That’s why more hiring managers are turning to ZipRecruiter, and indeed job boards, to take advantage of innovative job posting and recruiting tools.

Although both ZipRecruiter and Indeed are popular in the market, they do have some distinctive differences that may lead HR managers to choose one over the other. Here’s a comparison of each platform to help you choose the right one for your company.

What is ZipRecruiter?

Image: Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter is a paid job posting platform where employers not only post job openings but also rely on the platform to share their jobs across multiple job posting platforms.

Unlike many job posting sites, where your job is hosted only on the site, ZipRecruiter distributes your openings to other job boards. In this way, the platform makes it possible for more job seekers to see your job openings and allows you to track each application with their applicant tracking system.

What exactly?

Really logo.
Image: Indeed

Indeed is a job posting platform that aggregates job postings from employers and other job boards. Unlike ZipRecruiter, Indeed does not distribute job openings on its site to other job posting sites. Instead, it handpicks jobs posted on other job boards and hosts them on the site where job seekers can either apply directly or follow a recruiter’s application link to apply.

Although Indeed allows recruiters to post jobs for free, they are charged if they want to increase their job post visibility on the platform.

ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Features and Pricing Comparison

Speciality ZipRecruiter In fact
Price determination Uses a three-tier pricing method. Contact sales for details. Uses pay-per-click for sponsored jobs. Contact sales for details.
free job posting No Yes
candidate assessment tool Yes Yes
resume in database 32 million+ 200 million+
job post handling job distributor job aggregator
online skill assessment No Yes
mobile app Yes Yes
Unlimited Candidate Application Yes Yes
ATS integration Yes Yes

Free Trial & Plans

ZipRecruiter comes as a paid service and does not offer a free plan. However, employers are treated to a free four-day trial where they can post a single job for free. To run your job postings beyond four days, you’ll need to pay for a plan.

Indeed provides an opportunity to post jobs at no cost to its users. But if you want your listing to get enough visibility, you may need to pay for sponsored job postings.

Price determination

ZipRecruiter offers three pricing plans: Standard, Premium, and Pro. For a standard usage plan, the fee varies depending on the features you choose and the number of jobs you post. For accurate pricing, you should contact their customer support to discuss a custom plan and quote that’s right for your business.

Indeed, on the other hand, allows users to post their jobs for free, but requires them to sponsor their job listings if they want their posts to gain more traction.

There is a fee for sponsoring a job post on Indeed, but it is based on performance. This means that you can only pay for applications that meet your needs. In fact users usually have 72 hours to reject applications that don’t match their requirements before being charged.

resume in database

Indeed has over 200 million resumes in its database, compared to ZipRecruiter’s over 32 million.

Such a large difference in the number of resumes in the database may be due to differences in the areas of coverage. Indeed is a worldwide job listing platform, whereas ZipRecruiter only accepts job postings from US territories.

candidate assessment tool

ZipRecruiter allows employers to ask candidates questions to help them narrow down the best candidates for their needs.

Indeed, on the other hand, offers comprehensive skill assessment of candidates in the form of skill-based tests. These skill-based tests help users to shortlist eligible candidates for specific jobs.

job post handling

Although both ZipRecruiter and Indeed make provisions for users to post their jobs, each platform handles how it processes job posts differently. For every job post listed on ZipRecruiter, it shares the listing with more job boards.

It is indeed different, which acts more like a job aggregator. This means that Indeed not only lists jobs posted on its platform but also job listings from other job posting platforms.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ZipRecruiter


  • The platform is easy to use.
  • Your job can be seen on more than 100 job boards with one click.
  • It offers customizable job templates.
  • It uses AI to handle candidate matching.
  • If the branded job page offers.


  • Trial period is very short.
  • Your monthly billing automatically renews.
  • The platform is expensive as compared to other platforms.
  • You may miss out on the most suitable candidate outside the US

really pros and cons


  • Employers can post jobs for free.
  • It has the largest candidate resume pool.
  • You can create unlimited job postings at no cost.
  • You are not limited to candidates only in the US


  • Free jobs don’t get as much visibility.
  • You cannot brand a free job posting.
  • Sponsored job posts can get expensive if you have multiple roles to hire for.
  • The site can easily be spammed by fake recruiters targeting US citizens from other parts of the world.

How to choose between ZipRecruiter and Indeed

ZipRecruiter and more are great options for recruiters looking for innovative tools to really simplify their recruiting process. Choosing one tool over another will depend on your organization’s budget, recruiting needs, and regulations.

ZipRecruiter would be a more suitable option for companies with higher budgets who are more interested in hiring US talent. This platform is best for companies with a budget for frequent hiring.

Alternatively, companies with tight hiring budgets will really opt for ZipRecruiter as it allows recruiters to post jobs for free. And if you have multiple roles to hire, Indeed might be the right choice because you can post as many jobs as possible without a monthly plan.


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