Non Availability of Birth Certificate in Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kolkata & Meerut


A birth certificate is a big issue since without this you cannot get your Adhar Card, Passport, and other important documents. We are providing Non-Availability of Birth Certificate in Hyderabad, Meerut, Nagpur, and Kolkata cities in India. Most of us are in the habit of ignoring such kind of important things, due to a lack of knowledge, and awareness. But after a long time when you don’t have the NABC and we need this then the process of getting this becomes very hectic.


To get it, we have to the municipal office and to and fro it takes a lot of time what you don’t have. Because of the non-availability of the birth certification, your application is turned down by the registrar of civil agencies a lack of this.

Here we are going to simplifying the process for you so that you don’t need to give a toss about it. Legally it should be registered within 21 days but if you don’t get it in the designed time then it might be a little effortful for you.


How Long It Takes To Get Non-Availability Certification (NABC)

A non-availability certification takes about 5 working days to 25 working days and the rest depends on your location and required documents. In a real scenario, it takes 20 to 25 working days because there are many factors like you are not able to provide your all documents in one go, other random requirements, and some sort of external delaying issues so you better provide your all documents on time so that you could get it as soon as possible.

Required Documents for Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

  • SSC mark sheet of (Applicant).
  • Voter I.D (Applicant and Parents).
  • Driving license.
  • Birthplace (Hospital Address or home)
  • Affidavit Details
  • Passport copy (Applicant and Parents).
  • Aadhar Card (Applicant and Parents).
  • Address proof where the applicant was born.


Tracking process of Non-Availability Birth Certification (NABC)

After collecting your document we apply to the concerned authority (Municipal Corporation) in your area if there is a tracking facility available then a tracking I.D is given if not then you cannot track your application. It depends on out and out services available in your Municipal corporation department.

Cost To Get Non-Availability Birth Certification (NABC)

The cost to it varies from location to location. We are only coordinators of services so our charges are for services provided by us and coordination with NABC. We have more than 30 clients for Non-Availability of Birth Certificate in Hyderabad city and 45+ clients in Meerut city.


Why We for Non-Availability Birth Certification (NABC)

We coordinate in many places such as Hyderabad Nagpur, Kolkata, and Meerut as well. Take care of all of the processes from the beginning to the end.

Our Cost is just affordable and once we collect your document then the work is our responsibility you don’t need to be worried.

You get the tracking status of your application if you face any kind of problems and issues then you can tell us when you feel free. We are 24*7 available.


Non-Availability of Birth Certificate Hyderabad and Nagpur

Proper assessment is given and information is dropped to you, what’s more, we have field personals so that your important documents can be got from your home without any hassle. We are providing Non-Availability of Birth Certificate services in Hyderabad and Nagpur city for better prices.

How To Get Non-Availability of Birth Certificate in Meerut and Kolkata

We have a proper team for documentation work and we will create a process to provide Non-Availability of Birth Certificate in Meerut and Kolkata cities. We are working hard to make our services better and faster than ever.